A Groundbreaking Economic Framework for Bitcoin

Cointime Economics provides analysts with a robust and computationally efficient toolkit to validate, verify, and improve on traditional on-chain analysis methods.

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James Check

Lead Analyst at Glassnode

James Check (pseudonym Checkmate) is the lead analyst for Glassnode and specializes in the study of the Bitcoin economy. He fell down the Bitcoin rabbit hole during the 2018 bear market and joined Glassnode in 2021.

Twitter: @_Checkmatey_

David Puell

Research Associate at ARK

David joined ARK in January 2022. He is best known for pioneering the emergent field of cryptocurrency on-chain analysis and has created metrics used industry-wide, including MVRV Ratio and the Puell Multiple.

Twitter: @dpuellARK

James Check explains Cointime Economics:

3 Key Innovations to help you level up your research:

A new economic framework

Learn about a new mathematically symmetrical framework which relates the dimensions of time, expressed via investor holding periods (coin age, lifespan), to an equivalent dimension of coin volume.

New valuation and pricing models

Cointime Economics proposes a new Bitcoin valuation model (AVIV Ration and derivatives), which has demonstrated exceptional mean reversion properties for the Bitcoin market to date.

Enhanced assessment of economic impacts

Derivation of new Bitcoin economic metrics such as cointime-adjusted inflation rate, Market-Value-to-Realized Value (MVRV) Ratio, and the Network-Value-to-Transactions (NVT) Ratio.

Here's what's inside

Join our Webinar on September 1st

James and David will be presenting Cointime Economics in a joint Webinar. The Webinar is free and recordings will be available for all registrants.

Disclaimer: In 2022 and 2023, Glassnode and ARK Invest collaborated to develop a new economics framework for analyzing Bitcoin on-chain metrics — Cointime Economics. Cointime Economics is meant for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment adivce.

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