A Bitcoin Momentum Trader's Checklist

Integrate insights from Bitcoin's supply dynamics into your trading strategies to maximize outcomes.

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What you'll find inside:

A Five-step Checklist

Discover five key questions and the on-chain indicators to help you answer them for actionable insights from data on BTC supply dynamics:

Quickly assess market trends by analyzing the active vs. dormant supply and monitoring shifts in coin age

Anticipate market extremes through following shifts in long-term holder activity

Leverage data on exchange supply movements to gauge price pressures and market sentiment shifts

Supply Metric Spotlight

Delve into SLRV Ribbons – a pivotal metric for distinguishing between short-term activity and long-term holding patterns. Find out how to:

Leverage SLRV Ribbons to spot early signs of market momentum shifts

Use historical examples to gain further insight into market movements

Combine SLRV analysis with other indicators for a holistic trading strategy

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Disclaimer: The information contained in the Momentum Trader's Checklist is meant for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment adivce.

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